As well as stills photography I am able to provide high quality videography, including filming and editing processes. These can be used for promoting and advertising venues, products, businesses, projects etc.


I also work with a very talented local composer who is able to put a unique soundtrack to perfectly complement any type of video imaginable, if required.

Some examples of my past work can be seen below (best viewed in HD)...

Showreel 2019


Showreel shot entirely by drone.

Save The Elephants

Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in Africa.  Specializing in elephant research, STE provides scientific insights into elephant behaviour, intelligence, and long-distance movements and applies them to the challenges of elephant survival.

Narrated by Saba Douglas-Hamilton.

Good Vibrations (Save The Elephants, Oxford University)

Ever wondered what elephants and a sledge hammer have in common?

Utila Dive Centre Promo


Promotional video for one of the highest rated PADI dive centres in the world, located in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea off Honduras.

Abandoned (Save The Elephants)


The last few months have been extremely tough for our elephant families in Samburu due to the drought. This is the Story of Koitogo, a 4 day old calf, born to a first time mum from the Storms family. Koitogo did not survive the drought.

Buried Treasure (Save The Elephants)

A mission in Tsavo West National Park to locate the collar of a poached bull elephant named Kenani.

Cocotinos Manado Promo

Located opposite the world famous Bunaken National Marine Park, this dive resort offers some amazing experiences, above and below the water.

Wings over the Wetlands


Marsh harriers try to single out starlings from their huge flocks as they gather to roost.

Filmed at Ham Wall Reserve on the Somerset Levels. 

Fin Fighters!


​Promoting a UK-based anti-shark finning group during their 2015 campaign to end the sale of ecologically damaging shark fin in Bristol.

PADI Dive Training


Training video for PADI Divemasters and Instructors. Filmed for Utila Dive Centre.

Spinner Dolphins


In the warm waters of the Caribbean, a pod of spinner dolphins play and call to one another.

Nominate and Inmate: SOS Africa

(second camera/drone operator)

Unique fundraising event hosted by SOS Africa at Shepton Mallet's recently closed prison to raise money for education of underprivileged children in South Africa.

Somserset Timelapse


Experimenting with timelapse photography around Somerset.

GoPro African Elephant Adventure (Testing the new GoPro 8 Black)

What happens when wild elephants meet a GoPro? Well, you get some pretty epic shots while the camera's durability gets pushed to the limit!

Flying Safaris (Air Adventures)


Air Adventures, a bespoke aerial safari company based in Kenya specialising in personalised "off the beaten track" adventures in Africa with a focus on conservation.

The Great Grevy's Rally 2018


A large survey of the endangered Grevy's zebra, as well as the threatened reticulated giraffe, in Northern Kenya.

Kenyan Kids on Safari (KKOS)

A short film following the efforts of a charity "Kenyan Kids on Safari" who support environmental education and conservation for local children.

ANKH Bellydance

Promo film for a bellydance costume company based in Catalonia, Spain.

A Rude Awakening (Save The Elephants)


A restless 4-month old elephant wants to play... she just needs to find a playmate...

An Accurate Record (Save The Elephants)


Find out how Save The Elephants and the local community are working together to collect crucial data on the illegal killing of elephants.

Cocotinos Lembeh Resort Promo

A boutique dive resort in one of the worlds top "muck diving" locations in Sulawesi, Indonesia, filled with weird and wonderful creatures!

Cheetah Playtime

​Cheetah siblings tussle in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Starling Murmuration


One of nature's most spectacular aerial displays - the starling murmuration.
Filmed at Ham Wall Reserve on the Somerset Levels. 

Pennard Hill Farm


​Promo video for luxury camping accomodation during the world famous Glastonbury Festival.

Bay Islands Sharks

A variety of shark and ray species filmed in the Caribbean Bay Islands off Honduras. 

Elephant Crisis Fund


A short film I was a cinematographer for about elephant conservation. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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